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Samsung Spotted on KIPRIS Stage Looking for Endorsement for modern XISO-CELL Camera Sensor

Nov 26, 2022 Administrator News 92 hits

Samsung Spotted on KIPRIS Stage Looking for Endorsement for modern XISO-CELL Camera Sensor

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series launch underway, the Inc. plans to re-iterate its camera technology using a new sensor dubbed XISO-CELL. The tentative name reminisces the older ISOCELL moniker. Sourced through an overseas media post, Samsung is now trying to certify the new sensor on Korea Intellectual Property Information Service (KIPRIS).


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The document doesn't reveal anything noteworthy except the "Samsung XISO-CELL" name tag. The information is pretty vague, so it's hard to speculate whether the described cell is the prospective 200MP sensor under the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra module. 

The new technology, likewise previous versions, will help reduce interference and noise between multiple adjacent pixels inside the photos. It's early to predict the actual game plan for the Samsung new phone models, but it will surely unwrap within the weeks ahead.

Another exciting piece of news; the upcoming flagship line, AKA S23 Series, plans to cast an overclocked version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 — where the base SoC version clocks at 3.2 GHz frequency, the OC 8 Gen 2 under Galaxy S23 series' deck will peak at 3.36GHz. 


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While some sources claim the OC silicon will only be available in European Galaxy S phones, several Geekbench listings on the Internet suggest a global release. A 35% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU make the 8 Gen 2 a significant step up from its predecessor. The 8 Gen 2, when overclocked, will provide even better performance scores on Samsung Galaxy S22 successors.

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